Managing Addiction

Addiction covers a large range of compulsive behaviours that are most commonly associated with gambling, alcohol or drug use. Addiction is characterised by the inability to stop the behaviour in space where you can see the damage the behaviour is creating. Whether your addiction is characterised as a chemical addiction such as nicotine dependence or a behavioural addiction that involves the compulsion to persist with certain behavioural patterns, at Eucalyptus Psychology we are here to help you develop the skills to better manage your addiction.

Being able to properly and sustainably manage addiction will allow you to focus on leading a healthy and productive life and assist you to repair, build or maintain better social and family relationships into the future. Freeing yourself from the control an addiction has over you can change your life greatly.


Different Types of Addiction

There are two main categories of addiction:

  • Chemical Addiction: This is usually referred to as substance use disorder and relates to the addiction of things like alcohol, drugs (both prescription and non-prescription), nicotine and other substances
  • Behavioural Addiction: These addictions are not substance related and can include things such as gambling addiction or internet/console gaming addiction


Counselling and Therapeutic Approach

The treatment for addictions will depend on a range of factors including what you are comfortable with and what your psychologist recommends. One of the most often employed treatment approaches is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This is a treatment that is designed to help you learn to identify damaging thoughts and to help you change course by reframing those thoughts as they happen. Schema, dialectical, acceptance and commitment therapy, existential and emotion focussed therapies can also be helpful. At Eucalyptus Psychology, your psychologist will work with you to identify the treatment process that is best for you and your circumstance.