Managing Trauma

Trauma is essentially an emotional and psychological injury that occurs after experiencing, witnessing or being connected to an event that is life threatening or has a risk of serious harm.

While the event that triggers trauma might have little or no effect on one person, to another it can have a major impact. Contributors such as existing stress, previous trauma exposure and level of existing coping skills can all contribute to the severity of the trauma experience.

The sorts of events that can trigger trauma include natural disasters, violent crime, domestic violence and abuse, serious accidents and many others.

If you have experienced an event that you found traumatic, no matter what the event was, at Eucalyptus Psychology our team is qualified to help you to overcome your experience.


Symptoms of Trauma

Some of the symptoms for someone who has experienced trauma might include:

  • Hyper alertness or hyper vigilance
  • Withdrawing from friends, family or partner
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Anger or trouble with mood regulation
  • Sudden shift in behaviour


Counselling and Therapeutic Approach

A trauma focused psychological therapy might be the best approach for someone experiencing the effects of trauma. However, not everyone requires or responds to this and sometimes just being able to talk to your psychologists will help to unburden you. At Eucalyptus Psychology your psychologist will help to identify the best treatment approach for your situation and experiences.