Many teenagers experience a range of thoughts and feelings that they can learn to better manage through appropriate psychological assistance. Adolescent years can be confusing and in many cases can create tension and conflict in the family environment that spending time with a psychologist can help to manage better. But there are also many challenging and confusing changes that adolescents experience and developing the tools to be able to manage and make sense of these things can help to shape a more emotionally sound future.

Whether the challenge is disharmony in the family home, coping with divorcing parents, difficulty with social groups or trouble with learning and focus, Eucalyptus Psychology can assist young people to find their place and construct foundations for a fulfilling and happy life.


Examples of Goals for Adolescents’ Mental Health

  • Developing healthy social interaction skills
  • Managing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Strategies for managing conflict
  • Improving focus and concentration
  • Regulating behaviour

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