There are a number of goals families look to achieve through family therapy:

  • Improving the cohesion in the family unit
  • Improving communication
  • Developing healthy family dynamics, or
  • Creating a safe and calm family environment for everyone involved.

Underpinning these goals is the simple idea that family members will develop the skills to safely explore difficult feelings, thoughts and emotions together.

Family therapy assists family members to expand their empathetic awareness so they can better understand the needs and experiences of other members. Throughout the process, family members will learn to better understand and build on their own strengths while also being able to understand and support other family members to do the same.

At Eucalyptus Psychology we work with families from a diverse range of cultural and family backgrounds.


Examples of Goals for Family Counselling

  • Improving communication between family members
  • Build understanding, empathy and cohesion
  • Develop healthy approaches to managing conflict
  • Create a calm and supportive family environment

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